Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stolen Board

My lady friend got her board stolen today at the 41st parking lot in Santa Cruz around 10am today.  As the story goes, a guy was acting like he was waiting for a space in front of her car while another lady in a huge SUV stopped and asked her for her spot to distract her, both cars blocking her view from where she was at.  The guy loaded the board into his car and both of them sped off down 41st. 

The board is a FCD Fark, 5'4", 19 1/8, 2.5

Traction pad on the board.

The discription of the thieves are 1) White male with a orange beanie and 2) The passenger, an African American woman with dreads. 

If anybody see's anything similar on Craigslist or in a local shop, please leave a comment in my box and we'll get right on it.  Thanks for reading and for your help.

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