Sunday, April 19, 2015

Star Wars Celebration VII in Anaheim

The first and last time they'll ever hand me the keys to an X-wing.

As you may well know, I'm a pretty big fan of Star Wars.  Well, the Star Wars Celebration came to Anaheim this year.  This is the seventh "Celebration" in the span of almost 40 years, so it's a pretty special event.  Lucky enough, it was just an hour away from home, but next year it was announced that it will be held in London ("Booo!!!" from California and "Cheerio!!!" from the English).  Thousands of Star Wars fans from around the globe came to the Celebration.  I met families from Ireland, Japan, Russia, Korea, Spain, Turkey, Kentucky, Virginia, Kansas and more.  I only had a Saturday pass, and was it awesome.  I regret not getting the four day pass, which was available to me.  But nonetheless, I was able to watch the live stream from home (yes I am a nerd like that when it comes to Star Wars), which was great!  Here are some new things I learned from the Celebration.  

#1  Not only does China make everything else in the galaxy, but they also make Stormtroopers on the cheap. 

#2 Darth Vader has a sexy sister. 

#3 The Bacta Tank is not a phone booth.  But the reception is pretty good...

#4 If your going to beat B.D. at poker while on the Millennium Falcon, make sure your cards are facing the right way. 

#5  We need more Cos Play Lando Calrissian's.  

#6:  There will never be enough Princess Leia's in slave dress.

#7:  There will always be more hard core fans than me (or you). 

#8:  The best things come in small packages.

#9:  Everybody is falling in love with "Chopper", but there will never be another R2.

#10:  Stormtroopers can Surf.  But there fashion for shoe wear can be a bit iffy.

#11:  You meet the best homey's at anything Star Wars. 

#12:  Black stormtroopers are down.

#13  Not even Qui Gon or Obi Wan want to know what's on the B.D.'s mind.

 #14 Ewoks will never be cool. 

 #15  And niether will Star War Fans ;)

One for my fellow nerds:  The live stream forum.  Hilarious!!!

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