Wednesday, March 25, 2015


(HEADSPACE): Shaun Tomson from The Inertia on Vimeo.

A few blogs prior, I talked about the thirteen codes that I created for myself almost two years ago. They were inspired by the man above, after I was lucky enough to attend his presentation over at Bird's. I got a couple emails asking if I could share my codes. I shared my codes with these readers, but they in turn had to create their own codes and share their codes with me. With that, I'm going to go back on my word and share the thirteen codes that helped me get a grip on my life. Your probably saying to yourself, 'this guy is full of shit!' But it has.  In many ways, these codes brought me back from drowning in my own self pity and my own demises.  Yeah, life throws curve balls, but when I stick to my codes, I stick true to myself.  And these codes have especially helped me over the last few months after my father past on.  They have kept me a float, just above the darkness.  And they have inspired the few people that I have shared with them to create their own codes, helping them take that one step in the better direction.

Here are BD's 13 codes:

1.  Don't copy anyone's style.
2.  Laugh at haters, but don't be one.
3.  Take care of those who take care of you.
4.  No shortcuts.
5.  It's ok not to take the drop.
6.  But take it anyway.
7.  Fuck the Joneses.
8.  Say less.  Do more.
9.  Let it go.
10.  Fear will not rule over you.
11.  Cheer lead one random stranger everyday.  
12.  Be the greater fool.
13.  Let it be yours.

Some of these things don't make sense to others, but as long as it makes sense to me, that's all that matters.  And it will be the same with your codes.